Suspect in Springdale officer’s murder held without bond, prosecutor seeking death penalty


The suspect in a crash that killed Springdale Police officer Kaia Grant will be held without bond, pending a possible death penalty trial.

Terry Blankenship was arraigned Tuesday morning on a charge of aggravated murder. The hearing comes one month after the fatal crash, because Blankenship has been hospitalized.

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The Hamilton County prosecutor’s office revealed in court that police in our area believed Blankenship posed a danger days before the deadly run-in.

The believe he burst into an ex’s house in Clinton County and pistol whipped her new boyfriend.

“Prior to leaving fleeing the residence he commented that he would have the police shoot him and dispatchers put out a bulletin that he was armed and threatening suicide by cop,” said Dave Wood with the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office.

Blankenship limped into court this morning, carrying fresh scars on his head.

Prosecutors say a single shot was fired after the crash, and it was not fired by police. A .45 caliber handgun was found in Blankenship’s truck.

Investigators think Blankenship intentionally rammed his truck into Grant.

The prosecutor asked for no bond in this case, a rare request, which was granted by Judge Brad Greenberg. It means Blankenship will be held without the possibility of release before his trial.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters plans to pursue the death penalty at trial.