Browns are done talking about reported OBJ trade talks


The Browns went on the record on Thursday and off the record on Sunday to deny that they’re talking about trading receiver Odell Beckham Jr. On Monday, G.M. Andrew Berry went on the record to say that the Browns have nothing more to say about that, on or presumably off the record.

“We communicate pretty consistently with all of our players,” Berry said during a Monday pre-draft teleconference, regarding whether the Browns have spoken to Berry about the reported trade talks with the Vikings. “Probably the last thing I will say on this Odell piece is just as an organization, we really have addressed this several times at this point. I really don’t think any more needs to be said about it.”

Officially, the Browns had addressed it only once before Monday. But, as Berry put it, they won’t be addressing it again.

Regardless of whether they will or won’t be addressing it again, the question becomes whether they’ve addressed it enough, privately or publicly, to get Beckham to believe that the Browns weren’t talking about trading him. If Beckham believes that the report was true, the Browns will have a potential problem that could resonate into the 2020 season.